Lancefield’s History

Lancefield has a rich and unique history being one of Australia’s significant sites for discovering the bones of giant megafauna who lived in the area up to 80,000 years ago.

The aboriginal Mount William Quarry for the manufacture of stone axes is also a unique and significant historical location.

The town first started 1 km north of the current township where a ford crossed the creek.
“By 1859, a hotel and store were opened near the ford. The hotel was named the Lancefield, after the Lancefield pastoral run which had been taken up in 1838.”
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A hotel was opened in modern Lancefield in 1862, a school in 1865, Anglican Church 1868, Presbyterian Church 1876 and the mechanics’ institute 1877.  The Catholic school began in 1885.

In 1881 the railway line from Clarkefield was extended to Lancefield and was in operation till 1956. In 1892 a railway line to Kilmore was opened, but was unsuccessful and closed in 1903.

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